Saturday, August 9, 2014

Connecting Things to Breadboards

 Often we want to connect a servo-style connector to a breadboard.  It could be a component with such a connector (like a servo!), or perhaps something with power (such as a battery pack) that we might not want to have with an exposed lead.

The easiest way to do this is with a header pin.  Use some tweezers or pliers to center the plastic.  If that doesn't work for your application, soldering a pair of headers might be an alternative.
Each half of the header will be just long enough so that it will both stay in the breadboard and also stay attached to the servo connector.

One problem: When we pull out the servo connector, it will usually hold on tighter than the breadboard, and the header will come out. This can be troublesome if that end is connected to a battery pack or other powered line that you don't want to short out.  In that case, you can solder two headers together (shown on the right in the first picture).  The breadboard will have a stronger grip, and it's a bit easier to make sure the pins don't pull out when you pull the connector off.

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