Saturday, August 16, 2014

ArrBot: Catchup Class

We inserted an extra class after class 3 to give everybody a chance to catch up.  Here's everybody hard at work.

 The goal was to have these parts ready

  • 3D printed body
  • two working continuous rotation servos
  • Arduino micro
and get everything assembled.

Here's a few ArrBots in various states of completion.  This one is running the servo testing program to get the calibration values.
 Servos in place.  You can assemble the drive wheels either before or after they're attached to the servos.
 More servo testing!  Get that right and everything is easy.
 Here's the battery case mounted on the frame.  With this type of battery case you should use the wide body.
 We're using 3M Dual Lock to put everything together.  It snaps together and gives a better fit than Velcro, but just about anything will work if it holds the pieces together.
 Downloading the test drive program.  With all the pieces assembled, you can write an Arduino program to drive the ArrBot around.
 We're using 5V Arduino Pro Micro clones.  That's a mistake.  We'll be swapping them out for 3.3V units so that we can use either a Bluetooth or nRF24L01+ unit.  I think using a Mini is also better, since we're using a Mini in the remote control unit and we already have FTDI cables.
 Getting ready for the next class, attaching the nRF unit.

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