Sunday, August 11, 2013

Taranis Failsafe

Using Taranis Failsafe
  • All FrSky receivers have failsafe
  • For X family receivers, set using model menu #2
  • For older receivers (e.g. D family), use the older failsafe method of pressing the button on the Rx.
Taranis and X family receivers have three failsafe options:
  • hold last input.  Don't ever use this one, it's almost always the wrong thing to do.
  • no pulse. Some autopilots can be configured to handle this as a signal to start processing their own failsafe logic.
  • custom.  This allows you to set the value of each servo channel.  When the Rx loses contact, those values are set for each channel.  When contact is resumed, control is turned back to the Tx.
While Binding or doing anything with your Rx/Tx, be sure and disable your props.

To set Taranis/X family Rx Failsafe
  • bind the Tx/Rx if not already bound.
  • on model menu 2, select Failsafe mode: custom
  • click [SET] to proceed to the failsafe menu.
  • For each channel, set the appropriate failsafe value.
  • save the failsafe value which Long-Enter.
To set Non-X family failsafe
  • bind the Tx/Rx if not already bound.
  • move the sticks into position.
  • push the failsafe button on the Rx.  You will see a double-blink of the LED.
  • you can repeat this operation. each time sets the failsafe anew.
To clear failsafe on any FrSky Rx
  •  rebind the Rx.
Verify your Failsafe
  • do all configuration with props off.
  • bench test several times.
  • test in the air under controlled conditions.
  • do these enough times to build up confidence in the failsafe operation.

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