Monday, August 19, 2013

Report from the Walt Muciano Fly-In

CME Membrer Warren Delane reports:

"Walt's designs were simple to build and flew well. Ideal for kids in the 1950s  and 1960s to enter C/L flying for less than $10.  Still great fun for us Old Guys in their senior years! But nowadays, more like $70.
"At the other end of the display table were my StuntMaster, Me-109, Little Bipe. Wendell-Eillisms, and Curtiss F11-C2 'Goshawk'. All Musciano designs. I love building them but spread myself too thin and never get to finish them!

"Just a few of the 1/2A models at today's contest at Osborne Field. The rest were flying in perfect weather for C/L. Tons of adrenalin-pumping fun!"

Those are some nice looking planes!

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