Thursday, August 8, 2013

Taranis Binding - External DSM2 Module

Here's how to bind using an external module.
tl;dr: activate the module using the model configuration screen.

  • power off Tx.
  • pop off module cover on back.
  • insert module, be careful that the pins line up.
  • snap the module into place.
  • power on Tx.
  • go to model configuration menu 2
  • set Internal RF Mode to OFF.
  • Set External RF Module to PPM, CH1-8, 22.5ms, 300u, - (minus sign)
Now you're set for normal DSM2-style binding.  I've got a LemonRX receiver ready to go.
  • power off Tx, Rx
  • insert bind plug on Rx bind port.
  • power up Rx
  • You should see a fast blink.
  • press and hold the module bind button.
  • while continuing to hold the module bind button, power on Tx
  • wait a few seconds
  • the module will beep, and the radio will slow blink, indicating successful bind.
  • remove bind plug.
Sometimes the Tx and Rx won't bind if the Tx and Rx are too close together.  If you suspect this is the case, move the Tx away from the Rx about 5-6 feet and try again.

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