Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Controlling AS3X with GEAR on the Radian UMX

Thorvald@RCGroups has a nice overview on configuring the Radian UMX AS3X system so that the gear channel can be used to turn AS3X stabilization off and on using channel 5 (the gear channel).  He's using Windows 7 and a DX8i and spent "only a few hours" pulling his hair out.

  1. Install ONLY the PL-2303 Vista Driver Installer.exe. Ignore Spektrum's instructions about loading the XP driver first.
  2. Plug the SPMA3600 in to a USB port.
  3. QUICKLY click on the found new device and cancel searching on Windows Update (that driver would not work for me). Windows will find the driver you loaded in step 1 (2007 version).
  4. Let it reboot when it asks and leave the programmer plugged in.
  5. After reboot, run the GYRO_PARA_DOWNLOAD.exe as Administrator.
  6. Connect Programmer to 4 pin jack inside Radian.
  7. Turn on Tx.
  8. Use rubber band to (mode2) to hold throttle to the top right (full throttle and right rudder). Ensure it is ALL the way to the top and into the corner. I found if you loop the rubber band around antenna and a few switches, it works perfect.
  9. Plug a battery into the Radian and wait.
  10. You will eventually see the red led on the board flash twice and if you look over at the PC screen, it should have found the com port and stopped "searching".
  11. Click on read and save those settings (screen shot too is good).
  12. Copy the settings into the info above in the modify section and change the enable via gear switch to "1".
  13. Write the changes.
  14. Unplug battery and programmer and remove rubber band.
  15. Plug battery back in, give a little throttle to activate AS3X and then use gear switch (ch5) to disable/enable at will!

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