Thursday, July 17, 2014

ArrBot Syllabus

The first ArrBot session has been scheduled.  It will tentatively run for 5 2-hour sessions, meeting once per week.  This first session is highly experimental.  If we're crunched for time, we may add an extra class at the end.

The ArrBoteers and I are working on the first pass of the software, and there's a couple of "known unknowns" along with (I'm sure) a ton of other things we'll discover along the way.  It will be a journey for all of us!

I'll be revising this as we go along... when we've finished the first session, it should be a somewhat reliable guide as to what can be accomplished by a class in this timeframe.
(end note)

  • Basic Electronic Soldering.  Should be able to solder wires and through-hole.
  • Not required, but familiarity with Arduino is a plus.
Student Tools
  • Soldering iron
  • #000 screwdriver for servos
  • small screwdriver for wheels
  • side cutters
  • laptop w/ micro USB cable

Time is tight, since we have a hard out after two hours.  I will start talking at the top of the hour.  Don't be late!

Class 1
  • 3d printing intro
  • start arduino soldering
goals: before class 2, everyone has 3d printed a body
end class 1, everyone has started arduino soldering

Class 2
  • arduino soldering wrapup
  • arduino software
goals: at mid class 2, everyone has 1 soldered arduinos
at end class 2, everyone runs on arduino
at end class 2, everyone runs servo test

Class 3
  • continuous rotation servos
goals: end of class 3, everyone has 2 CR servos

Class 4
  • robot assembly
  • robot test
  • adding remote control (wii? bluetooth?)
  • basic robot software
goals: at half class 4, have robot moving with test program
at end class 4, have remote control working
at end class 4, have basic robot running

Class 5

  • adding front, back IR sensors
  • ArrBot Derby!
goals: at mid class 5, basic arrbot software + IR
Enough time left over to run a couple of heats in the ArrBot Derby, crown the victors, and hand out prizes!

  • bluetooth or wii nunchuck?
  • does bluetooth work between arduino and ios?


building wii controller
remote control (wii)
remote control (bluetooth)
body assembly
first software load



do you have a little screwdriver (2)
do you have a micro usb cable?


little screwdriver for servos
little screwdriver for wheels
hot glue gun

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