Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wind Resistant H Quad

Kauaiguy@RCG has posted pictures and notes for his wind resistant quad.  I guess that's necessary if you live in Kauai!  I'll be following along on his build, and I'm collecting some of his notes here.

  • I was flying fpv in 20/30 mph winds and not having any control issues,also its easy to fly some distance as its fast!Next version I make ,the frame and motor mounts will come out to about 100g.This frame is a 450 mm frame size and takes 8/9/10 inch props.

  • Build list
    • Carbon tubes 320mm (4) 14 mm Talon v2
    • Motor mounts (4) Hal 
    • Aluminum boom mount (4) Talon V2
    • Flat base plates (2) Hal 
    • All frame parts available from Hobbyking USA
    • Same foot print as the Flip fpv frame ( large frame 450) but 200 g lighter.Next frame is going to be mostly epoxied together and just over 100g with mounts.Cost will be 4 ,14 mm ,320mm long carbon booms($16.40 for 4)from Hobbyking
    • Drilled holes with a drill press after it was glued together.Probably doesn't need the screws .

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