Tuesday, June 10, 2014

joseico90's Workhorse H Quad

Copied from his notes and photos posted here.

  • 15x12mm strip pine wood for arms and body frame
  • [??] mm ply for the bottom of the body 345mm Long x 125mm wide
  • 3mm light ply for the top cover 310mm long x 125mm wide. (the cover is cut in 
  • two sections at 155mm from the rear edge to allow partial access to the inside)
  • Arms are 450mm long
  • Body box is 120x595mm between the arms
  • the two 15x12mm strips for the box sides are 295mm long, they are glued to the bottom plate in an upright manner, (the 12mm side), the arms are placed resting on their 15mm side, this leaves a gap for cooling the ESC inside the box.
  • Bottom cover is glued permanently, the top cover and tower are secured with self taping screws
  • The arms are secured by two bolts each for easy replacement or dismantling/storage.

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  1. The plans are on page #1 following the link above, thanks for sharing my creation, joseico90 :)