Sunday, June 9, 2013

LemonRX Shrink Wrapping

 LemonRX is a new manufacturer of DSM2 (Spektrum) compatible receivers.  They've been getting lots of good press about their performance, build quality, and price.  At 2.5g, they're about as light as can be.

They come as bare boards, so I wanted to toughen them up a bit.  I started out by quickly applying the smallest dab of hot glue to the antennas.
 Next, I cut some 3/4 inch heatshrink tube to a length that covered the exposed electronics and a bit past the antennas.  I cut two slits in the side for the antennas to go through.

 When I shrank the tubing, it also brought the hot glue back to liquid.  When the tubing shrank over the antennas, I squeezed out any extra hot glue.  The hot glued heat shrink provided a good amount of support for the antennas.
 Note that pictures 1 and 3 are staged... I didn't hot glue and heat shrink on the table.  I put them there so I would have an extra hand for the camera!  Instead I used the bind plug to hold the Rx so I wouldn't run the risk of burning my fingers.

You can see in this picture the build quality of the Rx is quite good.
 Here you can see how the hot glue has fused with the shrink tube.
And here's the back of the board.

I'm thinking to order some of the receivers that come with no pins.  They make excellent candidates for attaching to flight controllers such as the flip (christened the "lemon flip"!), providing an incredibly small, light combination receiver/flight controller.

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