Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fastener Grades.

So I was trying to figure out what M3 fasteners to order at Mr Metric, and fell into the standard state of confusion when offered too many choices I didn't understand.  So, here's the relative price breakdown of a standard piece (or close; I didn't bother to confirm that the M8 piece I randomly selected was available in all the materials).  Sorted by price, with the different sizes marked with ***.  All the items reference standard DIN439B.

Note that Mr Metric has a huge price break at 101 pieces, so be sure and pick that number and not 100.

class              size     type                         price
-----              ----     ----                         -----
STEEL CLASS 4 ZINC M8X1.25  Jam Nut Steel 4 Zinc         .04
STEEL CLASS 8 ZINC M10X1.25 Jam Nut Steel 8 Zinc         .05 ***
STEEL CLASS 8      M7X1.0   Jam Nut Steel 8              .05 ***
BRASS              M10X1.5  Jam Nut Brass                .15 ***
STAINLESS STEEL A2 M8X1.25  Jam Nut Stainless Steel A2   .15
STAINLESS STEEL A4 M8X1.25  Jam Nut Stainless Steel A4   .21 


  1. Hi can you give more clearly price for fasteners means i didn't understand that you have given the price or grades so specify clearly.

    DIN 7
    DIN 6325

  2. Hi Steve, great suggestion! I updated the columns.

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