Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Installing Companion9x on a Mac

Companion9x is here.  At the time of writing there's a base DMG and an update DMG that needs to be installed.

WARNING -- Companion9x currently installs a broken avrdude, here's how to fix it!!!

This makes it look like your 9x or 9xr is broken, but it's actually avrdude that's broken.

You can use HomeBrew to install a working avrdude.  Follow the brew install instructions, and then type

    brew install avrdude

Note that to get HomeBrew working, you need to

  • install or update Xccode to the latest version
  • install Command Line Tools from Xcode / Preferences / Downloads / Components
Hopefully the Companion9x people will remedy the situation. I'll report it to them.

MANY THANKS to 4x4rc on rcgroups for alerting me to this before I shipped my 9xr back to HK!!

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