Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Things of Beauty

 At last night's meeting of the Concord Model Engineers, Ding presented a model he was working on, and gave some pointers about how to cut spars and assemble wings.  He cuts a template from aluminum with snips and files it to shape, and then cuts around the template.
 He brought this model he was working on, building from scratch without plans.  It was so nice looking I took a couple of snaps with my phone cam.  I was so struck by not just the impeccable craftsmanship, but the beauty of the frames.
 The final model will be in a contest where the minimum weight is 40 grams.  Ding is shooting for 35 grams, so that there will be some leeway for repairs.
There's some pretty impressive modellers in the CME, many with decades of experience.  Ding gets a lot of respect from these guys, as you can imagine.


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