Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Makerbot News

Just a few things on the 3D printing front...

Ordered this upgrade kit, designed by wphthomas and packaged up (with permission) by scvette.  Looks like a lot of people (including Bre) are saying nice things about this.

tldr: more reliable filament feed.!topic/makerbot/-8PWUKprZ6g

And notes from one of our resident printmasters:

I recently experimented with some different print settings and thought I would share my findings.  Mostly with black PLA, though the final part was in red. 
240 deg / 60 extruder speed - the print starts getting messy.  I can see the extruder pushing around a lot of mush.  Too hot, IMHO. 
240 / 80 - filament gets very thin.  Feeding seems to be struggling to keep up.  No bueno.
Ended up going with 230 / 60, my tried and true settings for print you see in the attached picture.
If anyone else is making large, flat prints, you know they can be really frustrating to get off the build plate.  So I picked up a plastic putty scraper at Home Depot.  It now lives by the printer.  Go slow and keep the putty knife flat to the plate to avoid snapping your part in half (not that I would know). 

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