Sunday, February 3, 2013

er9x: uploading firmware

Here's how to flash the er9x firmware to your Turnigy 9XR.  Basic steps:

(note: after you write the firmware, you will get a throttle alert message.  this is normal, since the calibration settings have been cleared from writing the new firmware.  recalibrate your sticks and all will be well.)

  • attach data cable.  You might need to download some drivers -- some notes on this are upcoming.
  • download a copy of the firmware from this page:
  • download and install the eepe software on your computer:
  • in eepe, use the "write flash firmware to transmitter" option
  • reformat eeprom memory (radio does this automatically)
  • recalibrate your sticks and voltage meter

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  1. Ola você teria o firmware original pra disponibiliza?