Saturday, October 27, 2012

er9x Success!

Hooray, er9x installed and seems to work!  Attached is a screen dump of the   eePe settings.  I used the SmartieParts board, but didn't hook up the backlight... maybe later.

My contribution to the user docs:  Here's the parms I used. Also note: the SmartieParts board is USB powered, but the 9x CPU is not.  So turn on your Tx power!

provisional APM setup like this:

CH01   +100%AIL 
CH02   +100%ELE 
CH03   +100%THR 
CH04   +100%RUD 
CH05   -96% HALF Switch(THR)
       +90% HALF Switch(ID0)
       +45% HALF Switch(ID1)
       +17% HALF Switch(ID2)

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