Friday, December 23, 2011

My Farm Fresh Quad Helmet

Here's how I attached a vegetable container from the supermarket to act as the cover for the Arcticopter 4.  I used these standoffs:

Nylon 6/6 Male-Female Standoff 4-40
1/2" Body Length,
3/16" Male and Female Thread Lengths,
White (Pack of 100)

Even though the vegetable container is very thin, the standoffs keep the surface taut.  If you tap on the top it will reverberate like a drum head.

I attached the standoffs to the frame, and colored the tops with a Sharpie to align the holes. I handheld a drill bit to cut the holes in the plastic.

 4/40 bolts attach the stack of standoffs to the frame.  This stack is 1.5 inches, but I think you could double that and still be reasonably stable.

One nice feature of the nylon threads is that they will break before anything else.  If you break the threads off of a standoff, it becomes a perfect candidate for being the top screw.
I put a piece of blue tape on the back to block off the green LED, which I found to be too bright in the evening.  I added a 3-LED strip plugged into the balance port which works pretty well: visible without being blinding.

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