Saturday, December 10, 2011

Microdan motor for EZ* and related planes

From the EZ* thread on rcgroups, somebody pointed out the Microdan 2505 2535KV motor as a really good (light weight, high thrust) upgrade for EZ* and similar planes.  Apparently several of the EZ* gurus use this motor.  Definitely in the high end, both in terms of performance and price. I will pull out the numbers on the Grayson upgrade I did for comparison.

    weight: 34g, cost $55

    APC 5x5, 21175rpm, 10.9V, 22A, 22oz thrust.
    APC 6x4, 19900rpm, 10.7V, 25A, 25oz thrust.
    APC 7x4, 16300rpm, 10.2V, 36A, 36oz thrust.
    APC 7x5, 15200rpm, 10.1V, 40A, 36oz thrust.

Microdan has a video of it flying in a Hawk Sky:

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