Sunday, December 25, 2011

CF Reinforcement for Skywalker Wings

Here's a few notes from the Skywalker thread on RCG about reinforcing the Skywalker wings.  Daemon is one of the masters there.

Basic Idea:

  • Cut four 36'' ribbons, two pieces for each wing
  • Cut into top and bottom of wing, one directly above the other.
  • Glue in edgewise.
  • Size: 0.8x6mm

Do the same to the vertical stabilizer.

Daemon describes it:
I use a long straight edge and X-acto blade to cut the slot using my finger on the side of the blade as a depth gauge (something you can't do with a soldering iron tip) and then expand the slot slightly with the tip of a screwdriver.  0.8x6mm ribbon spar installed edgewise into the wing on the bottom. Another one just like it on top.

Here's a flight with the reinforced wings:

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