Friday, November 25, 2011

Vibration Isolators, Industrial Strength

Helical Isolators.

"John Evans' helical isolators are made of aircraft quality stainless steel cable, wound into metal retaining bars prepared for surface mounting. The wire rope (ranging in diameter from 1/16" to 1"+) and its helix configuration provide the specific resilience required to cushion fragile loads as small as a few pounds or substantial loads of many thousands of pounds, and absorb vibration through a wide frequency spectrum. The isolator is essentially insensitive to position: it operates well in any attitude; in compression, extension, shear and roll, and provides protection in all axes simultaneously."

This is the method being used for the Flexacopter.


  1. Nice :)

    Pieter Jan (Texel2001)
    Flexacopter designer

  2. I've just started looking into vibration isolators and vibration control. DO you know what they have to do with marine engine mount? And how I can really use them to my advantage? I want to be able to become the best in my field. I know that I can, but I do need the right equipment to do so.

  3. This is a great overview of vibration isolators, thank you for sharing this. It's great to get a general idea about these pieces and parts before using them in any upcoming or current projects. Awesome!

  4. This is great stuff. I need to get a vibration isolator. I am looking for more information about it so I know how to operate it better.

  5. Where can I buy some vibration isolators? I need to get some for my job and I don't know where to buy any?