Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thera-Band Prop Saver bands

 I was looking for better prop saver bands and heard someone mention "Thera-Band" exercise bands as an option.  I bought a couple of feet of "Blue extra heavy Theraband" on ebay from vendor drdcsupplies.  It cost $1.45/ft postpaid (not $1.80 as I mentioned in the video) and arrived quickly.
 I cut some 1/8 inch lengths with a side cutter.  I tried using regular scissors but had a problem with the tubing deforming and not quite cutting straight.

They fit nicely on the prop saver, held tightly and smoothly, and showed no signs of distress when stretched.
Here's the rubber bands from summer.  They worked fine when I first put them on, but rapidly developed cracks.

Here's a video:

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