Wednesday, November 9, 2011

HobbyKing KKBoard Notes

For $25, I couldn't resist getting one of the Hobby King V2 KKBoards. The minimalist elegance of  3 gyros, 3 pots,  and 4K of AVR Assembler speaks to me! KapteinKuk is one of my favorite RC people!

Programming Instructions

Dadde87 has everything here.  Note that his programmer connection diagram is mirrored from how a lot of people think about the connectors.  I've written down my connector interface below.


Using this USBASP AVR Programmer purchased from EBay seller egochina8848 designed by It's usbasp in KKFlashTool.

      (BUMP on top)
MOSI NC   RST  SCK  MISO    <-- looking at pins


Flash Tool is here.  Be sure and flash the "1 Sec Clock Test" and see if the LED blinks once per second to ensure you're AVR programmer is working properly.

My Connector

I took two servo wires and cut one end off, leaving the female plugs.  I attached male servo pins to each of the wires on the other end and covered them with 1.5mm shrink tube.  You can do the same thing with a servo extension wire.  I attached the servo plugs to the six pins of the board (white wires towards the motor pins, and with the right plug labelled), and inserted the individual pins into the programmer as per the notes above.  Once I tested the unit I put a piece of 7mm shrink wrap around the wires near the single male connectors to help keep them in the holes.

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