Sunday, September 7, 2014

Release information for KBS

Sigh, Youtube can be annoyingly dumb in its automated content matching.  The KBS video has been disputed twice, so I'm putting the permissions here for easy reference by the Youtube staff.

BTW the KBS people were excellent to work with, this is no complaint against them.  It's actually no complaint against Youtube, they're just having a problem with reflagging items they have already cleared.

Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 15:25:44 -0500
Subject: Electronic Copy of World Today from KBS of South Korea - UAV
From: Shin Sul 

Hello, this is Kevin Shin Sul, one of US coordinators working with KBS of South Korea.
The program "World Today" with the portion on drones aired on May 11th, in South Korea.
Here is the link to download the electronic copy of the aired program.  You are free to use your portion only in non-commercial purposes only.   Please confirm with me if you are not sure if it would be.

The portion regarding UAV will start at 33 minute mark and go on till the end.
Please click "PC" next to the link provided below:

The link is Available until June 13th, 2013
Thank you

Kevin Shin Sul - Coordinator
714) 357-4118

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