Monday, May 19, 2014

Some 3D Printed Stuff

Here's a few 3D random printed things.  First up, a side-light for the ArctiCopter.  Here's the wooden sidelights I was replacing.
I had to print in two pieces.  It's a bit floppy, but not too bad.  If I try again, I will put a T on the back for reinforcement.
Hot glue seems to work pretty nicely to bond the pieces.  I had modelled two holes so the glue would make a tight bond.  I used "high" setting on the glue gun, and it seemed to melt the two pieces together a bit.
Here's a little model I used to give the 3D printer tutorial at work.  I got it off of thingiverse and resized it down to about 10mm tall.  It came out pretty cute and printed in about 4 minutes.
I had a problem with some flat pieces curling up.  I think it was because the tape was letting go of the glass.  I tried it again with tape all the way to the edge and wrapped around, and it solved the problem.
Here's a Bixler 2 autopilot cover.  Cut out the spot just behind the cowling and it provides a nice spot to mount and cover a flight controller.

A cover for the back of the OrangeRX module.

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