Monday, May 26, 2014

Nice Foamy Pushrods

 RCG Maven balsa or carbon has some nice shots of foamy pushrods. Here's how he does it.

Start off two two pieces of music wire, one with a Z bend and one with an L bend. Attach the Z bent wire to CF rod with CA and shrink tube .

Round the other end of the CF rod with sandpaper and attach it to the L bent wire with silicone fuel tube.  Don't glue it, this allows you to adjust the pushrod.

Stick the L bent wire through a piece of rubber band. Attach the L bend to the servo horn, and stretch the rubber band around the music wire as shown.  Tighten the fuel tube with a zip tie if it's loose.

Stabilize the pushrod with a zip tie glued through the airplane body if there's flex when moving the control surfaces.

If you don't have any silicone tube handy you can zip tie a rubber band to the rod.  Here it is holding the L bend wire to a bamboo skewer pushrod.  BoC reports that it's tight enouch that he has to use needle nose pliers to adjust.  Notice hi popsicle stick control horn!

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