Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Signature Edition OPQ!

Well I finally got all my stuff together and put together my OPQ.  I'm not wanting to boast (hmm actually I do!), but it is a genuine Crash Hancock Signature Edition!
The new OPQ models have nice mounting slots.  This early model didn't, so I had to drill my own mounting holes.
It was easy enough, just clamp a motor mount onto the arm and use it as a drill guide.
I make a bit more clearance for the bottom of the motor.
Looks good!  I understand why people enjoy working with delrin.
Here's the final mount.  That motor's not going anywhere!  Not shown: two of the arms were a bit off, so I just used two bolts.  They still look rock solid.
It was handy to have some metric sized drill bits to get the exact size holes.  I wish Amazon had better deals, or that HobbyKing or somebody would carry metric drill bit sets.  I bought this set from a tiny shop in the Akihabara district of Tokyo that specialized in all kinds of electronics and small machine tools.
I screwed the power distribution board onto the top.  It was nice and flat, so no problem to mount the flight control board on top.
Black on black with black trim looks cool, but might be a bit hard to see in the evening! Here's some lights.
The lights look good outside, but are a bit bright.  I'm going to wire them to a brushless motor controller so I can adjust the light while flying.
Ethernet wire seems to be great for wiring LEDs.
I'm trying this 3M Dual Lock for attaching the battery.  It's super-strong and has a nice clean "snap" when it connects.  (update: way to strong, you have to give a King Kong yank to pull the battery off.  But it's great otherwise... I'm going to try trimming the piece down so there's a smaller surface area and see if that's better.  If so, I'll try it on some other air units.)
As soon as I get around to it, I'll shorten all wires to eliminate the clutter.
Flying with a Flip 1.5.  Forcing myself to be a better pilot who doesn't rely on a bunch of sissy autopilot stuff!
Hot glue seems to work well for insulating the LED strips.
I tried this voltage converter for the dimmer, but the adjustment was pretty rough.

Part 2 coming up, it's a sweet flyer!

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