Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Using the Spektrum DM9 module with Taranis and Turnigy 9xr

Daedelus66 notes that these settings work when using a DM9 in a Taranis (and presumably other {er,open}{9x,tx} radios):

  • polarity set to +, rather than the default - (which works with the Orange module).
  • preferable but not required to set PPM to 400u instead of the default 300u. ensures neutral remains at 1.5ms -- if left on 300u it will be significantly shifted and require recentering servos.
  • DM9 uses only the three basic pins: signal #1, positive #3, and ground #4. Pins 2 and 5 are unused, so no problem there.
  • model match not supported.
  • rebind by holding the module button while powering up.

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