Monday, January 20, 2014

Red Rover Notes

Here's my take on the Red Rover. Original article and hackaday.  Kudos to Rick Winscott for such a cute and ingenious design!!

Parts List

Extra Stuff that we'll investigate
  • Bluetooth module
  • IR transmitter (LED)
  • IR receiver
  • external motion tracker
  • redoing our own 3D model
Class Overview

1.  3D printing.  Need to have parts printed by class 3.  Start work on robocode.
2.  Soldering tutorial and servo modification.
3.  Assembly, testing, and robocode unit test installation.
4.  robocode integration.

Enhanced Software Overview
  • Bluetooth control, via ios or android
  • RC control
  • IR transmitting (i.e. shooting?)
  • IR receiving (target)
  • calibration mode
  • sensor telemetry
  • driving modes (e.g. utilize sensor features, such as crash avoidance)

Integration questions
  • can the mini support all peripherals simultaneously?
  • need to have demo sketches for each peripheral (unit tests).
  • need to consolidate and share interrupts?
Bluetooth links

RC Arduino links

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