Thursday, January 16, 2014

Concord Model Engineers Minutes, January 14, 2014

Concord Model Engineers Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, January 14, 2015

CALL TO ORDER: 7:30 pm


Monthly meeting, Second Tuesday, 7:30 at Concord Airport Terminal.

Friday Fun Fly, Third Friday, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
Gym at the Church of the Nazarene, 1650 Ashby Dr., Concord
This month's Fun Fly is on Friday, January 17.


    Current balance       $3645

    Treasurer notes that after examining the dessert bill for the
    Christmas party he knows why the club members
    are so damned fat.



    The club welcomes John Lee and nephew Clifford Lee who are
    getting back into the hobby after a break.

    Ron presented a proposal for a new pin design.

    Ed has some club cards you can use to pass out to people interested in the club's
    contact information.  He will bring them to the next meeting.

    Suggested going around the room and people can mention what their current projects are.

    Proposed new catapult contest.  This Friday, Jan 17, 8:00-10:00, rain day
    the following Friday, January 24.  Hillcrest Park.

    Voted to reserving Buttercup for this year's Christmas Party.

    January 25, NCFFC Award banquet, see attached flyer, which lists the NCFFC 2014 calendar.

    Chili Cookoff, Saturday, May 17, Hillcrest Park.


The secretary is pleased to report that all presenting members remembered their names and introduced themselves in a clear voice.  Note also that the term "plane" is to be taken in the loosest possible sense.

George Ellison, got a display model boat, Grand Champion.  $1200 list price, show price $799, bought for $250 on Sunday at show.

 George also showed a Blackhawk Models Lucky Racer, built for box art. Will sell for about $30.  Painted with Rustoleum.

 Lynn Price presented the Zephyr, built for a contest in Lakeville.  Most didn't fly well, but Lynn worked around short nose and built it heavy in the front to balance it out.

 Lynn showed a jig for tapering wings.

 Tom Moore presented a Jajestyk P30 model, Campbell custom kit.  Cambered ribs, about 1/8 inch short so he had to make corrections.

 Warren Delane, EZ Build kit of Canada Senior.

 Jim Pearson, new tether car in the style of the old tether cars.

Jim's dad ran these back in the mid-40's.  McCoy 60 motor. Fiberglass body from mid-50's mold.  Runs about 110 MPH.  Has shutoff on top, usually triggered by broom.  Testing Jim's machining skills by making accessories.

 Lee Letchworth, Walt Muciano Scientific design, Cyclone.  Made from plans.

Chuck Hill presented a FlyZone Calypso, 73'' wingspan glider with ailerons and flaps.


    Reno Ar Races photo book, BHM Raven, Sacto set large, Flexible CA
    foam glue, 15 minute epoxy and brushes, coffee mug FF Champs,
    electric fuel pump, scale flight senior ROG, Python RC plane.


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  1. Hi Mark! Beautiful work of art as usual. And you got the important points and names. It is getting better with the enlargable pics, too. Ding Zarate