Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Turnigy 9x Elevon Mixing

 Later I'll add some more verbiage and perhaps even make a video, but for now here's the two screens you need to fiddle with in order to get Elevon mixing going on a Turnigy 9x.

First, set the aileron endpoints to 120% in each direction.  Move the aileron stick left and right to get to the two numbers.

[update: I thought I got this idea from Andreas, but he sent me an email asking about this and claiming never to have done it.  Did I hear about it on RCG?  Make it up out of whole cloth?  Investigation forthcoming!]

Once you've got the endpoints set, go to the Elevon menu and set it to look something like this.  Depending on how your servos are installed, swap the values 100 and -100 until you get things right.

Here's what Elevon mixing does, and how it's calculated.

This space reserved for a video of this.  Will Mark get to it?  The suspense will kill you!
Update: yes he did!

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