Sunday, August 5, 2012

Easily Measure 1S Battery Voltage

 If you've ever measured 1S battery voltage with a voltmeter, you know it's kind of hard to squeeze the voltmeter probes into the 1S connector.  I worried that (a) I might munch up the plastic on the connector and (b) short the battery out, since the's about 1mm or less between the leads.

So, I made a quick measuring jig, soldering an male XT-60 onto a pair of banana clips.
I then soldered a female XT-60 to a 1S connector, making it easy to plug in the battery and check the voltage.  Of course, the XT-60 plug gives me an easy way to check most of my other batteries, although as a practical thing I'll probably still use my little meter that plugs into the balance plug.

Thanks again to Crash, who's having a hints-and-tips contest over at the CrashCast.  I don't think this gives me any advantage in the drawing, but it did give me the kick to put up some of my small ideas for managing small batteries.

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