Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ladybird Dual Rates and Expo

When I replaced my non-binding Ladybird, I took the opportunity to upgrade to the Devo 7 radio.  It's a nice radio but God Almighty it's got a terrible menu system!  It made me dream of the graceful elegance of my Turnigy 9x!

Here's the settings that worked for me.  I couldn't figure out how to use any of the Dual Rate switches, but I was able to finally fiddle with the thing to set these parameters.  Wow Hobbies set the Devo 7 so that one of the switches would toggle between stabilized and acro mode, so I made a copy of the model setting.  For now, I'll just change between models to turn expo on and off.

Pos 0: ELEV D/R - 80% EXP +30%
Pos 0: AILE D/R - 80%, EXP +30%
Pos 0: RUDD D/R - 100% EXP LIN

If I can figure out exactly how I did this, or how to set things so it's switchable I'll update this post.

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