Saturday, July 28, 2012

Walkera - DEVO Tx, Hoten-X

If you're like me, you vaguely knew in the back of your mind Walkera was popular in the heli world.  They came to the forefront of my brainspace with the Ladybird... a real gem in the nano-quad world.

Here's a breakdown of their various DEVO transmitters.  Thanks to vendor Walkera Helicopter Supply for that. It's nice, since the model numbering is a bit random.  I'm interested in getting a model that supports expo for my Ladybird.  The DEVO 10 looks tempting... ARM processor, upgradable firmware, telemetry.

The Hoten-X looks like a nice mini-quad... brushless, 200 size, telemetry, 2S 1000 mAh.  If it flies anything like the Ladybird it will be a winner.


  1. Hey Mark so have you ordered the Hoten-X yet? If so where and how much? I am in the LA area and just started to attend a Meetup event interested in Quadcopter and Arudino workshops.BTW my in-laws are in Danville so perhaps we will meet-up one day! Andy

  2. Not yet! I think it's just been released, and hasn't hit a lot of vendors yet. I'm really keen to see some reviews!