Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AeroNaut folding props at Atlanta Hobby

Atlanta Hobby has some good deals on carbon folding props.  And check out their awesome online customer service.

Classic Carbon Folding Props
Cam Carbon Folding Props
AeroNaut Folding Prop Adaptors

For a complete setup, you need a shaft adapter, a yoke and prop.

Here's the transcript of my session.  I had pre-typed my question.  "hello" within 20 seconds, an answer in about a minute or so.  I'm a fan!

Mark Harrison:

I saw your announcement about the folding carbon props, in both the
cam and traditional styles.


What hardware do I need to mount these props?
Is there different hardware for the cam and traditional props?

You will need the shaft adapter and the Yoke. let me show you some links
One sec
This is the link you need http://www.atlantahobby.com/Store/pc/AeroNaut-Adapters-c267.htm
Pick a shaft adapter then a Yoke
Mark Harrison:
That's just what I needed to know... thanks a bunch!!!
U R welcome

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