Thursday, May 24, 2012

Zephyr II and ArduPilot Layout

Here's a few notes by Andreas on laying out a Zii with an Ardupilot Mega.

This is his first Zii.  One 5000 mAh 3S or one 3000 mAh 4S battery is placed sideways at the nose.

In his second Zii, he started with a plywood battery box.  He cut this himself; it's sized to hold two 4000 mAh 3S Turnigy Nano batteries.

To keep the radio components separated, he:

  • moved the video transmitter all the way to the winglet
  • put the RC receiver is in the center of the wing on the opposite side
  • put 3DR radio close to the APM in the main compartment
He mounted the ESC above the APM.

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