Saturday, May 26, 2012

Andreas builds us a a pair of F22 Raptor foamies

 So Andreas saw the Flitetest video on the F22 and got the mood to cut out one for himself.  He called me up and asked if I had any 9mm EPP foam.  I did, and all the electronics and hardware necessary, courtesy of my prior thought to try to get the scouts to build some planes.  I was thrilled to be able to put these to use, and Andreas said he would cut out an extra one for me.   Here's the pieces cut out.
 And now glued up.  Very nice!  That's an 8x4 prop on a 1500 kV blue wonder motor.  18A ESC, 500 mAH 3S batteries, 9g servos.
 View from the bottom.  Those are 3mm carbon tubes running laterally.  Bamboo skewers on the leading edge and for the push rods.
 Here's mine, ready to glue up.  Using Beacon Foam-Tec, including the hinges.
And completed!  Elevon flight controls following the new East Bay Elevon standard, coming up in another post.

Flight test upcoming!  It will be fun to be flying something that only has two CPUs on board.

Here's the thread and plans by original designer dekan.

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