Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Miles of Free Servo Wire!

Here's a thread I started on RCGroups, verifying that ethernet cable was a good source of 24 gauge wire.  It is!  There are 8 wires (4 twisted pairs) in each cable.  Make sure the wires are stranded and not solid, and you've got all the wiring you need, albeit in rather pastel coloration.

For me it's OK, I'm using it to make some custom receiver/APM connectors.  I'll make pin 1 be the odd color on each side.

I use this great servo crimp kit from Hansen Hobbies.

The plastic part is sold as:

Harwin M20-1061200 12 PIN SIL HOUSING

The "12" in the part number goes from 01 to 12, and indicates the number of slots.  I found the best value is to buy the 12 slot units and trim them down to size.  They cut easily with a box cutter.

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