Friday, October 14, 2011

EasyStar upgrade

(Oldie but goodie... I typed this in and didn't publish)

Here's some notes from Andreas on some mods he has made to his EasyStar.  (It's interesting how we met:  he lives about 5 minutes away from me in our little town; he dropped me a note after reading a comment I had left on  I've worked with one of his old neighbors for almost 10 years!  It's a small and crazy world!)
  • To really make the Easystar fast, you need a brushless motor, esc and lipo. I just used the equipment from the first helicopter I wrecked. Original propeller fit too. With that power I can fly in any wind with no problem. Performance similar to this rocket.
  • This is a full mod-project but I did not find any structural re-enforcement necessary:
  • The Easystar's rudder is too small. Especially once you add more power. I found this credit card trick the simplest and very effective.
  • All hinges should be replaced with real plastic hinges instead of just bending the foam.asdfa
  • Also the center of gravity is often too far aft, even on stock EasyStar. Must add enough weight on nose to make it controllable. So I think it can lift a lot of weight (FPV, more electronics for your autopilot etc).

Update:  I've done all these and they make the EasyStar a very nice flyer.  I changed to a Hawk Sky for the ArduPilot platform.

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