Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aileron Motion

Here's the aileron controls spelled out.  Apparently my brain constantly works backwards on this.  Ironically I do all right when flying, but when setting up I consistently get the ailerons reversed.

All directions are relative to facing the front of the plane.  I should therefore probably say "port" and "starboard", but there's even less chance I'll get that right.

Stick motion:

Move stick to left, left aileron moves up, right aileron moves down, right wing moves up.
Move stick to right, right aileron moves up, left aileron moves down, left wing moves up.
When left wing is too low, give right stick. left aileron down, right aileron up, left wing moves up.
When right wing is too low, give left stick. left aileron up, right aileron down, right wing moves up.

The same information in a table:

stick    left   right  roll
motion   aile   aile   motion
------   ----   ----   ------
left     up     down   right wing moves up
right    down   up     left wing moves up

wing     stick    left   right  roll
too low  motion   aile   aile   motion
-------  ------   ----   ----   ------
right    left     up     down   right wing moves up
left     right    down   up     left wing moves up

Andreas gave me this page which I'm guessing is from when he got his pilot's license.

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