Wednesday, September 21, 2011

APM Success!

What a great day!  Launched the Hawk Sky with APM and took it into both stabilized and fly-by-wire-a modes.  Flew like a dream in both.  The FBW mode is surreal... no matter how you jerk the stick around, the APM controls the plane smoothly.  I used all the default PID values.

I'm rather ecstatic... there's been a lot of work and study to get to this point and to see it go so smoothly has been very gratifying.  Thanks to all who have helped me get this far!

Here's a quickie minimally edited video.  The hatcam ran out of battery before I got to FBWA mode, so I'll add that later.  I think the FBW mode might be ideal for FPV and AP, since it looks so smooth (at least from the ground).

This video is from a couple of days later.  Winds were high, gusting to 20mph, and the plane flew so smoothly in fly-by-wire mode.  I forgot the hat-cam, but grabbed the video with my iphone.  Just the fact that the wind could be blowing so hard and I could fly one-handed while working the phone impressed me!

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