Friday, May 13, 2011

Blade mSR notes

Training Wheels

Definitely get this set of training wheels if you're just starting out.  It will pay for itself in no time.  You can drop the unit from quite a distance, and it will bounce on the training wheels with no problem. They're about the width of the blades as well, so it can keep you from grinding your blades into the wall when you get too close.  I like keeping them on all the time now... the X arms are neat looking IMHO.

They're about $4.  Of course, I didn't have anything else to order, so I also paid $6 shipping.  They should put a note about these on the mSR product page.

        EFLH3023 Carbon Fiber Training Gear Set: Blade MCX, MCX2, MSR

I secured the legs with a drop of CA.  I've bounced the thing enough times to make the white foam balls become loose.  CA (a very tiny drop) worked to put them back in order.  When you're gluing the legs, be sure you've got the tiny rubber bands in place, and DONT let them  fall into the glue.  Tape them up until the glue is dry.  I didn't do this, but a bit of black thread works nicely to hold everything in position.


I'm using my DX6i, so I dialed in some expo which made it much more manageable as I was learning.


J. Salt has written a number of useful (by all accounts) helicopter ebooks.  I bought a copy of Getting the Most out of your Blade mSR and 120 SR and learned a lot about helicopters in general as well as some nice tuning and radio setup tips.


I really like the Turnigy Nanotech 138 mAh battery with this unit.  It fits just right, and maintains the COG well.  I tried the 160 mAh, but it seemed like it was stretching out the battery mounts.

Motor Replacement

I had to replace my motor pretty early on... after I did, it flew a lot better.  Here's the motor:


I got it from this ebay vendor:

A lot of people order the replacement motor for the Parkzone Sukhoi.

People have reported using the HobbyKing replacement motor for the Solo Pro 2.  You need to keep the old pinion and swap it out.  It's pretty reasonable, about $4 and 17g shipping weight. I'm going to get one on my next order and keep it as a spare.

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