Saturday, May 7, 2011

Turnigy 9x mixing for ArduPilot Mega

Tom Paton deserves a PhD in obscure radio settings for figuring out how to mix Turnigy 9x mode switches:
He has a great writeup explaining the details of what he did... here's my quick-ref version.

ArduPilot Mega Functionality

       THR-CUT    F-MODE    POS        FUNCTION
           FWD    N           0        manual
                  1           1        stabilized
                  2           2        fly-by-wire-a
          BACK    N           3        auto
                  1           4        loiter
                  2           5        rtl

Basic Idea

  • Set the Throttle Hold Button to control Channel 5.
  • Add a mix, such that putting the F-MODE into NORM position subtracts 20.
  • Likewise, for F-MODE in position 1, subtracts 50.
  • Likewise, for F-MODE in position 2, subtracts 100.
  • This gives us 6 discrete values that will be broadcast on channel 5.
  • These 6 values map to the APM control function values.

    Setting The Mix
    • Set Channel 5 to Throttle Hold
              [FUNC SETTING] [AUX-CH]
                    CH5    THRO-HOLD
    • Set mixes 1-3
              [FUNC SETTING] [PROG MIX]

                      MIX1    MIX2    MIX3
              STATE     ACT    ACT    ACT
              MASTER    GYR    GYR    GYR
              SLAVE     FLP    FLP    FLP
              OFFSET    000    000    000
              UPRATE   -020   -050   -100
              DNRATE   -020   -050   -100
              SW        ID2    ID1    NOR
    • Check the Settings with the Display Menu.  There should be 6 discrete values.
              [FUNC SETTING] [DISPLAY]
     Further Mixing Information

    The manual has a unique perspective on mixing.

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      1. I read several tutorials online but this page finally made it all click. In the end I used slightly different settings to make sure that I hit the middle of the PWM window for each mode, and I used the GEAR switch instead of the THR HOLD switch, but I could not have figured it out without you.