Saturday, May 14, 2011

Arcticopter II: test videos

Hooray, the Arcticopter II looks like it's going to be a fine flyer.  Powerful motors, it can probably shoot to a hundred feet in a couple of seconds.

More test results to come, but here's a couple of shots of the first test session.

 Here are the original flight tests.  We've substituted the wiffle ball landing gear... it's really nice if you can handle the weight.  As you can see from the videos, weight is not a problem for this model... it took all the control we had not to shoot it straight up into the trees and beyond.  One thing to investigate: using heli mode on the radio so as to set a throttle curve.  We fiddled with that a little bit, but then couldn't take the unit off of safety because we had displaced the zero setting off the power curve.

Here was our very first test.  Notice how the rightmost leg seems to stick to the ground?  That's the sure sign you've got a motor running backwards!  This also shows the original wire legs.

Before we did all of this of course we tested the electronics without blades.  It always sounds like an assembly line of dentists to my ears.

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