Friday, April 8, 2011

Radical RC Quad Kit, part 1

Here's some notes on the new Radical RC Quad Kit kit being produced by Radical RC.  Here's the RCGroups Thread where Radical Dave made the announcement.
This is the first post of several; subsequent posts will show assembly, outfitting, and testing  and will be collected here.

Here's what arrived in the mail.  The basic kit contains everything necessary for the frame except for the arms.  There are a couple of size choices for the arms, and you can order them in aluminum or carbon fiber.  All arms are 10mm and compatible (the web site notes) with their Slow Stick hopups.  At the bottom of the picture are some of the extra accessory pieces that are available.

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Here's the basic kit as it's packaged.

The round center platform is on the lower right.  Other Pieces have been laser-cut on the left.  Hardware and battery strap are sitting on top of the instruction sheet.

Here's the 5 inch center platform, upside down with the boom mounts.  Note that one pair of mounts are higher than the other, and that there's a small mount in the middle that will keep the center platform from buckling or warping when the screw fasteners are tightened.

Here is the first aluminum boom in place.  One boom goes on top of the other, and the one closest to the board is sitting on the middle mount.  I'll be using the 600mm (24 inch) booms for real -- the short booms in this picture were easier to photograph.

The second boom goes on top of the first.  Tolerances are good... there's no slack between the booms.

If you want to mount the battery underneath, just attach the battery mount to the boom mount.

If you don't intend to hang the battery mount below, you can use the short mount.

There are a couple of auxilary boom mounts included.  Here's a 200mm CF tube attached to the main body.  Next to it are the other boom mounts included in the kit.

Here are the motor mounts, test fitted onto the short aluminum boom.  Note that there's two heights to match the two rods.


In part 2, we'll glue everything up and prep for the control and power systems.

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