Monday, April 25, 2011

Blade mSR: Motor Replacement

 The motor on my Blade mSR started getting weak:
  • losing lift.
  • blades needed a flick to get started.
Consulting RCGroups, the diagnosis was a new main motor replacement.  I ordered a replacement motor from 38oceanss on eBay.  Delivery was quick and replacement was quick and easy.
 First, detach the canopy.  The little grommets pull off the mainframe, and stay attached to the canopy.  Here you can see the first grommet coming off.
Pulling on both sides worked pretty well.  Press your thumbs against the frame and "pinch" the grommets and canopy off.
Here you can see the port side grommets.  They stay quite attached to the canopy.  If you're pulling hard enough on the canopy for the grommets to become loose, reposition your fingers so that you're pulling against the grommets.
With the canopy removed you can see the motor and motor wire.  The motor wire is attached with an L-shaped connector, and the wire goes down the front of the main card.
 Detach the landing gear so you can get a good grip on the bottom of the mainframe.  It's all a bit delicate, so be careful not to grip the card, the servos, and especially any of the tiny wires.  Especially watch out for the antenna wire on the top right (facing forward) of the main board.
 Disconnect the motor wire.  It will slide out easily.
 Here's the tricky part.  Use needle nose pliers to hold the motor, and apply gentle traction.  Wiggle the motor gently and it will start to slide out.  Be careful, the pliers are right next to the servo rods.  Don't break them off!
 After the old motor has been pulled out, use your fingers to push the new motor in.  It will slide in smoothly.  Line up the pinion with the main rotor gear and make sure everything spins smoothly.
 Attach the new motor connector to the main board with the same orientation as the old connector.  The wire will go down and not up.  Power up the unit and check to make sure everything is operating smoothly before reattaching the canopy.
Any use for an old motor?

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