Monday, August 9, 2010

TxDuino -- controlling a Futaba transmitter via PC

Controlling a transmitter via PC.

PC -> USB -> Arduino -> PPM -> Futaba module -> receiver.
The TxDuino project aims to create a single device that allows a PC to control an RC vehicle. At the time of starting this project, the only option for doing this was a device from here that could be plugged into the trainer port of a transmitter. An arduino has been used to achieve this same setup as described here. Going through the handheld transmitter, however, is a huge hassle for a number of reasons so I set out to create a simple single device that could accomplish this. As it turns out, so did the guys at Tom’s RC, their solution being this guy here. Anyway, since the work is done, I’ll share the results.


  1. You can view a video of my remote controlled lawnmower at:

    Currently, it is controlled by a Futaba 4YF transmitter.

    I want to interface my Windows 7 PC with the Futaba transmitter to allow the following 2 steps:

    Step #1-Learn Mode
    Control the mower via the Futaba transmitter and record the sequence of joystick commands to the PC

    Step #2-Playback Mode
    Send commands recorded on the PC in Step #1 to the Futaba transmitter, which in turn will be transmitted to the mower.

    What is the easiest way to accomplish these 2 steps?

    Thank you,
    Bob Bowie

  2. Link to

    is broken. Please advise how to remotely control lawnmower from a PC. Currently lawnmower is controlled by Futuba 4YF transmitter. see: