Sunday, August 15, 2010

Changing an Outrunner Motor Shaft

Abridged from HeadsUp RC:
  1. Remove firewall mount. Requires 1.5mm allen wrench (12 cents at Ace Hardware!). Sometimes can be quite difficult to remove.
  2. Remove C-clip and washer at rear of the motor that retains the shaft. Removing washer can be most difficult part, as it tends to hang in C-clip groove.
  3. Pull motor bell off of stator. (motor bell = outer part with the magnets, stator = inner part with windings). Do this by grasping motor tube with a pliers where the firewall mount was located, and pull on the motor bell with your fingers. There will be resistance from the magnets.
  4. Remove flange from the motor bell by removing 10mm retaining nut on inside of motor bell. (May be asier to remove nut if shaft removed from the flange first. Loosen two set screws on front of motor bell, then drive shaft out of flange with hammer and small punch.)
  5. Insert the new shaft with flange, and secure with nut on inside of motor.
  6. Reinstall stator, washer and C-clip.

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