Sunday, August 22, 2010

Improving connectivty of T Connectors (Deans clones)

From a DX discussion group:

If you push hard enough on the soldering side of the tabs, they should pop right out!   I did that on mine, and the contact resistance is indeed lower. 
If you look at the original (compatible) plugs, you'll see that they mate using the flat part of the metal. (One side is flatter than the other).

These mate with the almost-flat, slightly round side of the metal parts. We modified the DX connectors by reversing the metal parts so that mating happens with the flattest possible part of the metal.

I measured the contact resistance:

Original expensive: 0.4 mOhm.
DX replacements: 5.2 mOhm.
DX replacements, modified: 0.5 mOhm.

With these values, I would recommend: Max 50A for original, Max 15A for unmodified DX connectors, and Max 45A for modified DX version.

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