Sunday, March 30, 2014

Notes: Welcome to Taranis, Part 1: Out of the Box

These are notes to accompany the Welcome To Taranis series.  Follow the link to see the videos and other notes.

Part 1: Out of the Box

Check Battery
  • connector in place
  • keyed connector in left side
Charge by plugging in wall wart adapter
  • older models will show solid charging light
  • newer models will blink then go solid
  • charger will shut off automatically when battery fully charged
Turning on
  • Throttle warning will appear if your throttle is not down
  • Switch warning will appear if any switches are not off
  • fast click for model selection menu
  • slow click for radio setup menu
Stick Calibration
  • radio setup menu screen 7
  • center everything and press enter
  • move everything full range of motion and press enter

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