Saturday, March 23, 2013

er9x: Elevon Mixing (good for Turnigy 9xr)

Here's some notes on elevon mixing with er9x.  It's pretty simple once you know the basics.  Here's some background on how elevons work.  Check out the calculations page... I think it's the only page on the Web with the mixing formulas -- at least as far as I could find!

Here's the mix.  The right and left elevons are on channels 2 and 3, respectively.  Note that the +/- values of the mix will be determined by the servo installation, so follow the technique on the video to make sure nothing is reversed.

2    100% ELE
  + -100% AIL
3   -100% ELE
  + -100% AIL

Here's some notes on elevon mixing for the DX6i and Stock 9x.  It's interesting to compare the different approaches.

Here's an express version of the video:

toc: Elevons, er9x


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  2. Mark, thank you very much for your excellent series of articles on Elevon Mixing for the er9x firmware. -Lane

  3. Köszönöm a segitséget. Végre egy jó elevon mix